Technologically advanced mechanical weed control products for inter-row and in the row hoeing in a broad range of crops

Designed and developed in the UK but also sold further afield to countries such as Chile and Japan.

Garford have been designing, developing and manufacturing farm machinery for progressive farming for over 30 years.

Following our success in the UK market, we have expanded to become the truly global company you see today.


Garford are recognized as a world leader in specialized precision guided hoes row crop equipment

Garford Farm Machinery Ltd are a development, manufacturing and distribution company supplying high quality products to the UK and world agricultural market.

Specializing in row crop equipment Garford are recognized as a world leader for their range of Robocrop Precision Guided Hoes and Robocrop InRow Weeders. The Robocrop range of products use video cameras and image analysis computers to locate crop position and then guide the hoes quickly and accurately.

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Garford Farm Machinery launches a first-to-market vision guided mechanical hoe.

The first mechanical weeding innovation showcased at Agritechnica 2023 – Robocrop Spot Hoe. The Robocrop Spot Hoe is a brand-new machine for selectively weeding the interrow zone in row crop and cereal crop production...

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The Garford brand is built upon listening to the customers' needs and then, through the custom build manufacturing facility, Garford can provide for the exact needs of the individual.

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