Garford win 4 major trophies at LAMMA, the leading farm machinery show in the UK

Posted on: January 20th 2008    •    Posted in: Awards, Company News

Garford Farm Machinery, a Deeping based farm machinery manufacturer, employing 10 local staff, were delighted to be awarded an unprecedented 4 major trophies at the recent LAMMA 08 exhibition. LAMMA, held at the Newark and Notts showground on the 16th and 17th January, is considered the major farm machinery show in the UK and Garford Farm Machinery were the recipients of the following awards:

  • The LAMMA Trophy for Best new product or innovation in the fields of electronics or information and communications technology.
  • The IVEL Award for the best product or innovation which has the most positive impact on the environment – sponsored by IagrE (Institution of Agricultural Engineers)
  • The LAMMA Trophy for Best new product or innovation from a Company based in Lincolnshire or Nottinghamshire
  • HSBC Cup for the Best Manufacturers’ Stand (Indoors)

The LAMMA exhibition saw the launch of the Garford Robocrop InRow Weeder for which the first 3 trophies were presented. Philip Garford (Managing Partner) said: “we are proud to be acknowledged for our important contribution towards the needs of today’s vegetable growers, who face a more environmentally focused future”. In awarding the IVEL Award, Bill Basford (Institute of Agricultural Engineers), said: “This machine uses a fantastic combination of engineering concepts for weeding plants, eliminating the use of herbicides. It shows that we as an industry do care about our environment”.

Technical information

The Robocrop InRow is a further development of the Robocrop precision guidance system, now widely used for hoe guidance in many areas of crop production. The Robocrop InRow however, not only identifies the crop row line but also identifies the individual plants in the row. This information is then used to synchronise the InRow rotors to loop around the crop plants but hoe out any weed growing between the plants. The result is that anything up to 98.5% of soil area will be mechanically weeded. Performance is 2 plants per second per row therefore giving a forward speed of up to 3.6kph in 50cm spaced plants such as cabbage.

The Robocrop InRow will find utilisation in crops such as Lettuce, cabbage and other brasica crops but has also been tested in a number of less common crops.

Notes for Editors:

Garford Farm Machinery has been established since 1986 and currently employs 21 local staff at their base in Frognall, Deeping St James.  They are committed to developing and producing the technology based equipment to help the modern farmer secure an environmentally sustainable future.

For further information contact:

Garford Farm Machinery Ltd, Hards Lane, Frognall, Deeping St James, Peterborough  PE6 8RL

Tel: 01778 342642

Fax: 01778 348949


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