Robocrop 4-Quick Touch

Posted on: April 19th 2018    •    Posted in: Company News

Garford Farm Machinery Ltd announce the latest version of their vision guidance system, the “Robocrop 4-quick touch!”.

The latest system will be available for order placed this summertime and features a number of enhancements.

The user interface now features a compact touch screen with instantly recognisable symbols now replacing the previous text appearance. The touch screen facilitates quicker and easier entry into the various submenus.

Robocrop 4 features Gigabit Ethernet cameras which deliver considerably higher data rates, operation in a wider range of lighting conditions and software selectable frame rate.

This results in a system which can now work with up to 6 cameras and 6 6recision guided sections per machine, therefore large machines such as the NEW Robocrop Eliminator trailed range can be operated with perfect accuracy over the full width even when following severe soil contours. Clearly performance figures for such machines are boosted dramatically with spot performance of over 20ha per hour possible. The increased guidance accuracy can now be employed on conventionally spaced cereals of 125mm as well as more traditional row crop spacing’s.

For the vegetable grower the larger dynamic range coupled with custom colour features will give a wider range of possible operating conditions than ever before.

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