Garford Farm Machinery launches a new high capacity interrow hoeing machine.

Posted on: November 23rd 2023    •    Posted in: Company News

The second mechanical weeding innovation showcased at Agritechnica 2023 – Robocrop Interrow 12NT.

The Robocrop Interrow 12NT offers a new level of hoeing capacity, for large-scale farming systems, offering productivity levels previously only available in North America.

A twin shift system allows the high capacity interrow machine to follow 2 x 6m drill sections, allowing double the productivity of a 6m tractor-mounted hoe. The system can be transported under 3m wide and 4m in height, and is compatible with 3m controlled traffic systems in the field.

“Farmers and growers with 6m drills would need to operate two machines to provide the equivalent capacity, or four if using the 3-point hitch mounted tine weeder. The Robocrop Interrow 12NT truly is a leap in productivity capability,” says Mr Knight

The innovation is in the machine configuration. It incorporates new wheel units which retract for transport folding, and a multi-stage variable volume accumulator, which enables unit raising for headland section control in irregular shaped fields.

The system also incorporates a telescopic axle for conversion from field mode to transport mode, while a hydrostatic powered axle ensures mobility meets or exceeds 6m tractor-mounted hoe systems, and a rear 3-point hitch provides the option for the coupling of a 12m tine weeder.

“Twin section Robocrop vision guidance is integrated, making the Robocrop Interrow 12NT a truly no-compromise high performance hoeing package. Collectively the machine enables a new level of productivity for organic producers, as well as large-scale conventional farmers transitioning to sustainable integrated weed management practices,” says Mr Knight.

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