Garford Robocrop Baby Salad Hoe

Posted on: October 18th 2018    •    Posted in: Company News

Robocrop Baby Leaf Salad Hoe

The Garford Robocrop Baby Leaf hoe is designed for delicate hoeing in baby leaf crops working at narrowest of row spacing’s using inter row technology and disc steering to carefully weed between the rows as narrow as sub 50mm. The Garford Robocrop Baby Leaf Hoe is designed to deliver the very highest degree of accuracy for inter row hoeing in closely spaced crops seeded using width roller type seeders producing a perfectly flatbed surface. Maximum weed control of 5mm accuracy is achieved using unique shares for minimal soil disturbance. Special baby weeder rakes ensure maximum exposing of weed roots to leave a perfect finished surface. By using a low camera position accuracy is maximised for precise weed control between the crop rows. Soil engaging disc steer provides for positive steering implementation for accurate hoeing, whilst auto levelling provides for a stable platform resulting in a perfect share depth.
With using a mechanical weeding method over herbicide application allows not only for weed control but also aeration, drainage and breaks the soil cap for further crop establishment. The Garford Robocrop Baby Leaf Hoe is aimed at those growing delicate crops such as baby salad and or herbs.

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